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Review on 15 Jul 2011

Have been here lots of times, the food is fresh and filling and usually quite fast. (sometimes extremely fast) Also the prices are really good value. This is a very nice place to go and catch up with friends if you are hungry, etc. Not a fancy dining place, but the premises are relatively modern and very clean. For people that are more intelligent with their money I recommend Hansan Newmarket. Try it for yourself.


Review on 25 Feb 2011

i eat at hansan at least twice a month.. i love walking in to the place and hearing there indoor waterfall,, it does not take long if you are stressed to start feeling calm.. as soon as you are seated a jasmine tea arrives.. orders are taken fast and it only takes 5-8 minute before your order arrives. the meal portions are big and not that expensive at $12-$14 . they have a very good selection of dishes,, hansan is in newmarket and even though there is a 1 hour max parking restriction on the street,, you can easily get a entree , main and dessert with plenty of time left.


Review on 25 May 2011

If you are after good value, good tasting Vietnamese food in good surroundings then I recommend Hansan in Newmarket. My sister and I were looking specifically for a cheap eat and this place was recommended by a colleague. The menu is extensive and, whilst I am normally adverse to pictures of the food on a menu, they did help us decide. For starters I had the seafood and pork summer rolls - mostly because I had seen them delivered to a neighbouring table. The steamed spring roll with vermicelle, pork, shrimp and a spattering of vegetables was a bit bland on its own. The dipping sauce, with nuts and chilli (comes standard), was a nicely balanced. My only wish was that the rolls were smaller as they were too big to handle with chop sticks and a bit 'clunky' to eat with your hands. Sis ha the kebabs and declared them delicious. For mains we indulged in the raw beef and rice noodle soup, park and prawn vietnamese style pancake and pan fried pork wth lemongrass. The soup was under-seasoned but fixed with the aid of the table condiments. If I had paid more for the meal then I may have been disappointed. Sisters pork was devoured with a satisfying smile so I can only assume it was tasty. The pancake was huge (yes, huge) and so tasty we had to take it home with us. The portions are large and very reasonably priced. Don't come here if you are expecting a fine dining experience. Do come if you want a nice weeknight meal with a mate that is great value. I will be back.


Review on 03 Sep 2010

I love Hansan so much. The food is unbelievable in my opinion. The Beef Ball soup is so tasty and the spring rolls are amazing, as is the lemongrass chicken. I find the service really good and they memorize what you usually get.


Review on 24 Nov 2009

it was good and the presentation was awesome but the waiter forgot half of my orders not that good of a service


Review on 06 Nov 2008

ust finished having dinner here today. I wanted to try this place as this is our "local" Hansan and the one in Glenfield is awesome so I was hoping the New Market one would be the same. I convinced my FH to go and we both ordered different versions of the pan fried chicken with lemongrass. Delicious as expected. We also ordered prawn summer rolls and deep fried spring rolls. Very happy with both. Food came quickly although it was a little strange that the mains came out before the appetisers. Bill for 2 mains and 2 appetisers was $28 so pretty happy with that. Decor of the Hansan is similar feel to Glenfield branch nice neutral colours and we sat by the big glass water feature. Hansan was busy when we arrived just before 7 but was almost empty by the time we finished our meal. Good for a mid week cheap but yummy eat. Will come back to try something else on the menu....or order the same stuff again.


Review on 23 Jun 2007

Agree with the reviews below, very good value for money and the food was great! Had a variety of dishes and all very flavoursome. Definitely recommend and will make a regular.


Review on 14 Feb 2007

Always crowded brcause it serves good food at a good price in very nice surroundings. It is easier to get a table after 7.30pm.


Review on 06 Jan 2007

At last a restaurant to make up for the loss of Fan Si Pan of some years ago. The summer rolls were great and minty and the other starters especially the chicken satay tasty. The omelette was the piece de resistance - marvellous but the prawn dish and the pork one was also good. I liked the "spartan" type decor and the place was full so the service was good despite the numbers. The prices were a steal.